Week 6 – Wednesday

This report conducts a thorough examination of demographic elements in incidents of police shootings, utilizing data sourced from the Washington Post Police Shootings Database.

Our primary objective is to enhance our understanding of age distribution, race, mental health status, gender, and other pertinent factors associated with instances of police violence.

Age Distribution:

The analysis of age distribution aims to uncover patterns and disparities, providing insights into the prevalence of police violence across various age brackets.

Mental Illness as a Condition:

We delve into the occurrence of mental illness, underscoring the significance of mental health and advocating for appropriate interventions and support.


Through the examination of gender disparities, we contribute to discussions surrounding gender-related aspects of police violence.

Other Factors:

Additional dataset factors such as location and time of day are taken into account to glean insights into the contextual details of these incidents.

This report serves as a valuable asset for policymakers, law enforcement professionals, and advocacy groups dedicated to criminal justice reform. Our insights, rooted in data analysis, aspire to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and address concerns pertaining to police shootings.

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